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Harnessing digital biomarkers to create the future standards of patient care

Our mission

We develop reliable solutions to measure disease evolution to accelerate treatment decisions to fight the progression of disabilities and preserve patients’ quality of life.
Our mission is to transform patients care by creating novel digital biomarkers and providing objective real-life patient evidence.

We revolutionize digital biomarkers

Our multi-skilled team has created and developed a library of clinically validated digital biomarkers for the full drug lifecycle. Through the capture of objective patient data, they enable us to understand the disease impacts on patients’ health, to measure its progression and predict the treatment response.
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Our main values

Objective Data

We harness the digital biomarkers’ great potential to collect objective and continuous data in patients’ daily life

Patients first

Empowered by our self-assessment solutions, the patients take charge of their monitoring. We work hand in hand with patient groups to understand their needs and deliver the best applications

Medical & scientific excellence

Our solutions have strong medical value and efficiency. A scientific and ethical committee oversees our development and participates to its clinical validation

Earning trust

Your data are sacrosanct. Our best-in-class privacy standards guarantee they will be securely processed and stored. Only you can access them, no one else.

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