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Our Values

Medical and scientific excellence

"Ad Scientiam" is Latin for "towards science, towards knowledge". This name illustrates our desire to develop projects with robust scientific background, built on a better knowledge of pathologies. Through our collaborations with clinical specialists and researchers, we build totally innovative smartphone solutions which are clinically validated, certified medical devices.

Our solutions are part of a continuous improvement process: a better understanding of the diseases for a better treatment.

Patients first

We work for the patients and their loved ones. Our goal is to make their life easier by creating the best tools for them to manage their own health in real life. We thrive to change their daily lives, understand their expectations and address them, accompany them and support them along the way.

We want to be the first in the world to create applications and other medically validated digital solutions, designed by and for patients, that collect medical-grade data for better disease monitoring.


As a team, we live a true entrepreneurial adventure. We give the best of ourselves in a spirit of autonomy, initiative and challenge. The voice of everyone counts and the goal of all is the same: better care!


Drawing a smiley to detect depression, pocketing your phone to evaluate multiple sclerosis ...  Tomorrow’s medicine is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed. We invent the tools that will build innovative and scientifically validated healthcare. The diversity of the skills of our team and the richness of our relationships with our partners are the backbones of our solutions.


We respect the highest standards of ethics and quality. We’re aware that health data are sensitive and confidential. We are also confident that through better analysis they will lead to major advances in medical practice. To combine data protection and research, we take these issues into account at the outset of our projects. Our aim is to ensure maximum security around the data collected and in order to do so, we comply with the guidelines of the competent authorities and in particular those of the CNIL and the HAS.