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Filling the gaps in the care pathway

Currently, physicians rely mainly on clinical questionnaire to build their treatment strategy. However, this examination relies on biased data, collected retrospectively in consultations and subjective

Consultations are planned at fixed intervals. But the disease can evolve during two consultations, adverse effects can occur and the physician will not have immediate access to the information.

The medical answer will be delayed and then less adapted to the situation.

Ad Scientiam mobile applications integrate proprietary algorithms capable of steering patients more rapidly to a consultation, adapting its date to the patient state and reducing loss of chance for patients.



Our solutions

Ad Scientiam innovates in care management

  • We are improving the daily life of patients

  • We are supporting the safe and good use of drugs

  • We are accelerating the management of chronic diseases, thanks to an early detection of flare-ups and acute events


We rely on a network of experts, learned societies, patient associations to develop mobile and ergonomic solutions, clinically validated, collecting real-world data and with a strong objective: being useful

Our solutions are digitalizing the medical evaluation process of chronic diseases by:

  • Evaluating the treatment efficiency with collected real-world data
  • Simplifying collection, storage, and sharing of data between healthcare professionals
  • Following patients' quality of life, their tolerance to treatments through digital questionnaires or symptom tracking tools
  • Changing patients’ behaviors, their opinion and role regarding care management, through mobile therapeutic programs and relevant medical information


For patients:

  • Empowerement in care management
  • More personalized care
  • More precise and regular assessment of disease progression

For physicians :

  • Better-informed and faster decision-taking

  • Consultation concentrated on detailed analyses and treatment adjustment

  • Reinforced link with patients through digital


For the health sector :

  • Better anticipation of patient complications
  • Reduction of avoidable in-patient time
  • Better data to evaluate the efficiency/the safety of treatments
  • Real-world data to feed follow-up R&D

Areas of expertise

We are specialized in chronic and acute diseases with functional symptoms. We choose the diseases we want to address after a detailed study:

  • Functional symptomatology of the disease and potential contribution of Ad Scientiam technology compared to existing monitoring tools (simplification, portability of tests or scales on digital supports...)

  • State-of-the-art and ongoing research projects regarding the evaluation of disease progression

  • Potential added value for the patient and his interest in benefiting from such an application

  • Epidemiology and corresponding market for pharma companies (analysis of R&D pipeline and upcoming drug launches)

We have an ambitious R&D pipeline, with projects at different maturity levels, demonstrating our long-term ambition to digitalize chronic disease medical evaluation