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What are digital biomarkers ?

Digital biomarkers are a set of objective, quantifiable physiological and behavioral data that are collected and measured through patients’ digital devices, such as smartphones. 

How do we develop and validate digital biomarkers?

Each digital biomarker is specific to a pathology or dysfunction. It relies on a deep knowledge of the disease and is developed by a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, expert patients, and engineers. Once the technical and clinical validation is performed, these digital biomarkers can be used  in the real world. 

How do we leverage digital biomarkers at Ad Scientiam ? 

Ad Scientiam has developed a library of digital biomarkers, issued from our advanced Machine Learning algorithms. They enable longitudinal capture of objective data via the patient’s smartphone. These data can be used to diagnose, monitor and predict the progression of health-related outcomes. They represent also a formidable asset as clinical trial endpoints and actionable insights on the biological state of individuals. 

We collect digital biomarkers correlated with the functional, mental and behavioral status:

  • Cognition: information processing speed, hand-eye coordination, reaction time, etc.

  • Mood and behavior: social activity, sleep, appetite, etc. 

  • Physical condition: walking speed, gait, balance, full-body movement, sedentary time

  • and much more !

Who benefits from our digital biomarkers? 


We develop solutions with patients and for patients to put them back in the driver seat of their own health : they’re empowered in their care management. 

Our clinically validated self-assessment tests enable patients to have a more complete picture of how they feel on a daily basis thanks to a non-invasive health measurement!

Healthcare Professionals:

Physicians often have to build their treatment strategy on data collected retrospectively in consultations, which may be rather subjective. Thanks to the collection of objective data in real-world, our solutions fill the gaps in the care pathway : they allow you to be better informed and make faster and smarter decisions. 

Pharmaceutical companies:

We create, measure, and validate new digital biomarkers for the full drug lifecycle; including Phase II and III clinical trials, product market launch, companion diagnostics and around-the-pill offers.  

Our solutions have a potential to improve clinical development. They not only correlate to the traditional clinical standards but also give fuller and more precise information of patients' disease and response to treatment. They track patients' clinically relevant signs and monitor symptoms and events. 

By using our solutions, you are providing fully patient-centered care both in clinical trials and in the real-world.