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Multiple Sclerosis: Ad Scientiam begins an innovative clinical trial program

Ad Scientiam launches its own validation clinical study on 200 patients in 10 Neurology centers specialized in Multiple Sclerosis

Ad Scientiam mobilizes its resources on an innovative digital research project, in the Neurology field: "DAMS, Digital Assessment in Multiple Sclerosis".

This project gathers teams from 10 French hospitals specialized in Neurology (and particularly in MS).

The main objective of this study is to demonstrate the validity and the strength of a new composite score to evaluate MS through exercises taken on a smartphone.



The first step is to evaluate the benefits of the DAMS mobile medical application on 200 patients with MS.

This multi-centric study is the first milestone of this program, which aims at providing new innovative assessment scales for chronic diseases.

« Ad Scientiam is dedicated to the development of innovative applications for the monitoring and the assessment of patients in real life. Being located within the Brain and Spine Institute, at the center of the largest Research Hospital in Europe, makes it easier to collaborate with the main research teams in France. DAMS is a real opportunity to identify new monitoring parameters for patients" explains Severine Bieuvelet, Head of Clinical Research at Ad Scientiam.


Multiple Sclerosis concerns around 70,000 and 90,000 patients in France today, with a probable annual incidence rate of 4 to 6 for 100,000 inhabitants. It is a major chronic disease, evolving usually in a progressive but unpredictable way. It affects the myelin in the central nervous system, through a mechanism still unknown.

It usually starts with patients around 30 years old (20-40), with a feminine preponderance (sex ratio of 1.7/1). MS is the first non-traumatic cause for acquired severe handicap in young people. The provoked disabilities and handicaps can have a major impact on patients' family and work life.*


* HAS Sclérose en plaques, Guide affection de longue durée, 2006

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