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Ad Scientiam strengthens its collaboration with patient advocacy groups!

Driven by the wish to develop relevant and useful mobile applications, Ad Scientiam closely collaborates with patient advocacy groups at every step of its digital solution development process.

DAMS is a monitoring and self-assessment smartphone application for patients with multiple sclerosis.

Starting in summer 2016, interviews of patients recruited by the ARSEP were organized as part of DAMS development.

Ad Scientiam organizes a day of user tests with patient advocacy groups at least once every quarter. In 2017, several dozens of patients were able to get started with DAMS and actively participated to its conception. These tests aim at validating and/or improving DAMS usability and reliability.

We warmly thank Canne à SEP in Luneville, the AFSEP and the APF in Melun et Elan SEP in Elancourt with the Ligue contre la Sclérose en Plaques for their kindness and availability.


ARSEP website

Canne à SEP Facebook page

AFSEP website

APF website

Ligue contre la Sclérose en Plaques website - Elan SEP contact details

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