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Ad Scientiam on TV Finance !

Liouma Tokitsu, Ad Scientiam CEO, and Alexis Génin, Head of research and technology development at the Brain and Spine Institute, were interviewed by TV Finance on July 12.

Ad Scientiam : the new digital medical monitoring

Ad Scientiam takes advantage of the smartphone’s 11+ sensors to allow patients continuous self-assessment and gathering useful informations for their health care.

The resulting applications are not gadgets but medical devices developed within a strict regulatory framework.

Ad Scientiam expands to Station F

Being the exclusive health partner of Station F, the iPEPS (the Brain and Spine Institute’s incubator) offers a unique ecosystem in Data Sciences, beyond the Institute innovative medical environment. These fantastic premises facilitate the emergence of the next-generation medtechs.

In addition to the clinical activities at the Brain and Spine Institute, Ad Scientiam continues its growth and develops its algorithm, data and signal processing center at Station F.

With these two expertises, the company aims to become a major player in patient-generated data and tackle the American market with offices in Seattle.  

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