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Ad Scientiam announces agreement with Johnson & Johnson Innovation to develop a digital assessment scale for Major Depressive Disorders

Ad Scientiam annouced today that it has entered into a collaboration with Janssen Pharmaceutica NV to develop a mobile medical application designed to predict anti-depressant (AD) treatment reponse in real life. This deal was facilitated by Johnson & Johnson Innovation.


Major depressive disorder (MDD) affects nearly 300 million people of all ages globally and is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Individuals with depression, including MDD, experience continuous suffering from a serious, biologically based disease which has a significant negative impact on all aspects of life, including quality of life and function. Ad Scientiam will design and develop a mobile medical application, to detect, among an important array of signs and symptoms, early markers of response and non-response to an AD treatment.


Read the press release.




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