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2nd Connected health Session

Ad Scientiam is pleased to announce that the connected health sessions are back.

Wednesday the 20th of may, Ad scientiam is pleased to announce that the connected health sessions are back. Over a breakfast at 8:30 am, this conference will be about the impact of connected devices in clinical and epidemiological research.


Big names of the Health sector will speak at this conference, including : Vincent Varlet, Marketing and Communication at Novartis (France); Isabelle Hilali, Marketing Director at Orange HealthCare (France); Jean-françois Thébaut, member of the College of the French National Autority for health (HAS) ; Benjamin Pitrat, Medical Director Médical at Ad Scientiam.


Vincent Varlet

How Novartis will go to the digital health market ? How Novartis captures information through connected devices in epidemiological studies ? In clinical studies ? How to deal with the patient profiling ? How to use big datas ?


Isabelle Hilali

How Orange will deal with the network's flow of information ? Will Orange specialize in low frequency networks like SigFox and Lora ? How Orange Healthcare has become a major player in digital health ?


Jean-françois Thébaut

How the High Autority of Health adapts its evaluation system to the new applications of connected devices ? How the French National Autority for health addresses the quality, the safety and quality issues ? What will be the impact on patient autonomy ?

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