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Scientific Board

One of our priorities is to obtain a scientific validation for our solutions. It is a necessary condition to gain the trust of the patients and physicians communities. 

To do so, our solutions must prove their efficiency and their utility beforehand. This is why we are working in close links with medical experts to build with them the solutions which will improve their medical practice and to ensure the clinical and scientific validity of our services.


Scientific committee DAMS (Digital Assessment in Multiple Sclerosis)


Dr in Psychology
Central Hospital  
Neurology Department
University Research Hospital Center - Nancy



Dr. Mikael COHEN

Expert Center in Multiple Sclerosis,
Pasteur 2 Hospital (University Hospital Center - Nice)

Dr. Cécile DONZÉ

Head of physical and rehabilitation medical services
St Philibert hospital, Lomme

Professor Pierre LABAUGE

Head of Neurology Department,
Montpellier University Hospitality Center,
Expert Center in Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Elisabeth MAILLART

Dr Elisabeth MAILLART, Neurologue, Praticien Hospitalier dans le Département de neurologie du Professeur LUBETZKI
Groupe Hospitalier
Pitié Salpêtrière Centre de Ressources et de Compétences Sclérose en Plaques en Ile de France

Dr. Claude MEKIES

Dr. Claude MEKIES, Neurologist, Former chef de clinique - assistant des Hôpitaux
Former president of the Association of French Private Practice Neurologists (ANLLF)
Former president of the French Neurology Federation (FFN)
General Secretary of the French Neurology Days (JNLF)
Neurology Department - Clinique des Cèdres

Professor Thibault MOREAU

Neurologist, professor and Head of the Neuroimmunological department of the Dijon hospital. President of ARSEP's scientific committee

Professor Ayman TOURBAH

Neurologist, professor and hospital doctor atthe University hospital of Reims

Professor Jerome de Seze

Professor in Neurology
PhD in Immunology
Head of the Neuroimmunological department of the Strasbourg hospital, specialized in Multiple sclerosis and Neuro-ophthalmology
Head of the clinical research center (CIC) of the Strasbourg hospital
Head of the DHU (Department Hospital/University called Neurogenics).
Co-leader of the research team of biopathology of the myelin neuroprotection and therapeutical strategy (BMNST), INSERM laboratory UMR 1119
President of the French Multiple Sclerosis society


Head of Department "Emergency / Neuro-Ophtalmology" Rothschild Foundation, Paris
Associate in the Department of Pr. J. Sahel and of the Clinical Investigation Center, National Ophtalmology Hospital Center of Quinze-Vingt, Paris
Member of the French Ophtalmology Society (Former Vice-President)
Member of the North America Neuro-Ophtalmology Society (NANOS)
Member of the French Neuro-Opthalmology Club (CNOF / Past president)
Secretary of the Opthalmology Improvement Association, Paris

Scientific Committee ACTISLEEP (Clinical evaluation of the impact of Atopic Dermatitis on quality of sleep)

Professor Martine BAGOT

Head of Dermato-Venereology Departement, APHP
Paris VII University
Saint-Louis Hospital, Paris
INSERM U976 Unit

Maxime ELBAZ

Bioscience Engineer, Ph D.
Technical Director of the Sleep Center
Sleep and Vigilance Center
Hôtel-Dieu Hospital, Paris

Professor Damien LÉGER

Chief physician
Sleep and Vigilance Center
Hôtel-Dieu Hospital, Paris