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Collaborative innovation

At Ad Scientiam, we believe that innovation cannot come from a single startup but from an entire research ecosystem. Our role is to give the impulse to get patients, researchers, physicians and corporates into an innovation dynamics.


Our ecosystem

Ad Scientiam is located at the heart of the biggest hospital in Europe (la Pitié-Salpêtrière). In a 200m radius, leading specialists in each pathology are gathered. 

Our offices are based at the Brain and Spine Institute and it is a great advantage for us. The Clinical Investigation Center where patients are received for studies is based on the next floor. This way, our team works with patients, physicians and researchers on a daily basis. 

Ad Scientiam is a driving force in this ecosystem, by organizing regular events such as "Connected Health events", incubator visits and "Mobile Workshops". 


Our innovation process

Our R&D projects come from a meticulous study of scientific literature and exchanges with clinicians and researchers specialized in the pathology. It usually results in a clinical feasibility study. 

The patient is involved from the first steps of solution conception process. The value creation perceived is critical to conceive a really helpful solution. He participates to the creation of interactions which will guarantee that our solution will be used in the long term.

The same approach is used with physicians, who are also end-users of our solutions, in order to develop solutions adapted to medical issues and designed to improve care pathway.

After designing a first prototype, collaborative innovation extends to other regions/countries to take into account the diversity of medical practices. As an example, our Multiple Sclerosis program involved 30 clinicians from 20 hospitals in France. All patient associations were involved and patients were interviewed in focus groups and during 30 individual interviews