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We are transforming disease monitoring and we need you!

With Ad Scientiam's new digital assessment scales, the patient can take his medical tests on his smartphone in his home (in real-life conditions). Thus, the patient will no longer be dependent from a medical appointment not necessarily aligned with his disease evolution.

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You have an Academic Research project? Let's talk!

You have a Master Black Belt in academic research? So do we! Your department has exciting clinical research projects? We can bring our expertise in the preparation of research protocols, endpoint definition, statistical analyses framework and final report preparation.

We define the consortium and the technical documentation with you and present your project to institutional structures.

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You are preparing a clinical trial? Leverage our expertise!

In a medical research project and in line with our objective to improve medical knowledge, we are creating new research partnerships with different specialists, as well as private-public partnerships.

Driven by our research objective, we are collaborating with partners guided by the same desire to favor and support research.

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You are developing an mHealth application? So are we and our patients even use them :-)

Some applications, particularly in mHealth, are conceived with little preparation time spent on their usage situation...and are not used by patients in the end!

Our methodology integrate patients' concern from the start. This way, we can offer solutions with a better attrition rate.

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We are recruiting : join our team