Ad Scientiam launch MSCopilot®, the application for the monitoring of multiple sclerosis

November 15, 2017

After four years of development within the Institut du cerveau et de la moelle épinière (ICM), MSCopilot®, Ad Scientiam's smartphone application, was launched this Thursday. It is designed to improve the follow-up of patients with multiple sclerosis.

"In France, patients suffering from a chronic disease can wait six months, or even a year, between two consultations with their doctor", underlines Dr. Saad Zinaï, medical director of the start-up Ad Scientiam, founded in 2013. " This is where our added value can be found: we enrich the information available to the doctor on a daily basis. "

The start-up, which employs twenty people, is launching its application on the Android and iOS stores this Thursday. "This must be free for patients," says its founding president, Liouma Tokitsu. “Our ambition is for it to be reimbursed by Social Security.” To finance its activity, Ad Scientiam has mobilized 2 million euros, including 1.3 million from a private fund in the services sector and 700,000 euros won at the 2017 Digital Innovation Competition. The company has entered into a partnership with the pharmaceutical group Roche, which approaches some 900 multiple sclerosis specialists in France.

At the same time, the company is developing applications dedicated to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, depression and rheumatoid arthritis. "Ultimately, the use of patient data will make it possible to predict the progress of these diseases", predicts Liouma Tokitsu. From the first quarter of 2018, Ad Scientiam will deploy its application in the United States.

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