A cookie is a small file stored by a server in the terminal (computer, telephone, etc.) of a user and associated with a web domain (i.e. in most cases to all the pages of the same website). This file is automatically returned on subsequent contacts with the same domain.

The Ad Scientiam website, made up of all the pages linked to the domain names "" and "" (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"), collects the cookies necessary for its operation from the Google Analytics tool (Google). As such, Google is considered a subcontractor of Ad Scientiam, in accordance with the GDPR. Google is a certified health data host, whose servers are located in the territory of the European Union. Website:

The cookies collected by Google allow the improvement of the service offered by Ad Scientiam. They are not used in any way to identify the Users of the Site. 

As the cookies collected by Google are necessary for the delivery of the service, the Site has an exemption from User consent. 

Apart from Google Analytics cookies, the Site does not collect any additional cookies.

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